Grandchildren are one of life`s best-kept secrets!

So today George and I went to lunch with my youngest son and his wife who had prepared a magnificent meal for us and my other son and his wife – six of us sat down to eat – strange and I think a first, because all the various grandchildren were absent.  One at university, one doing a weekend job, one on holiday and the eldest working.

As the glorious individual Yorkshire puddings came to the table on a plate, my mind flipped back to not-so-long-ago when small eager arms would reach out (several times over) for Yorkies were a great favourite with the grandchildren.

Before lunch I handed over a bundle to my daughter-in-law containing her childrens` various letters (mainly `thank-yous`) and drawings from a very early age – pre-writing.  She expressed surprise that I was parting with these but as I explained I am not getting any younger and one day when I fall of my perch it would be a shame if someone would just throw them out without realising what treasures they are.  I think I have even pencilled the date of receipt on the back of most of them.  I have already given a similar bundle to the other daughter-in-law.

Yes grandchildren grow up but your memories remain.  I was a long-distance granny – living in Cornwall whilst they all lived in Essex.  I also had a full-time job until my retirement so visits to see them all were rather limited but nonetheless I feel I have established good links with them all.

And now one of the topics of conversation over the luncheon table was the wedding next year of the eldest grandson.  His work has taken him to the West Country and he is kept very busy so my son and daughter in law don`t seem him too frequently.  My poor daughter in law also expressed sorrowfully that the bride`s mother seemed to know all about the arrangements for the wedding whereas she knew very little.  The old saying went through my mind `A son`s a son `til he gets a wife – a daughter`s a daughter for the rest of her life.`  Anyway excitement is mounting at the forthcoming wedding.  I did offer to make their wedding cake – feeling it a duty having made one for George`s grandson last year.  There was quite a long silence following my offer then a very nice letter from the bride-to-be thanking me very heartily and saying that she hoped I would not be offended, but one of her friends had already offered her services.  Offended!  Moi!  Quite frankly I breathed a huge sigh of relief because it had been something of a trial making last year`s cake and decorating it and I realised that perhaps I am getting a little old for this!  Yes lady, just sit back and enjoy the wedding – and I shall!

Goosey has just popped his head from under the table and reminded that Downton Abbey is on at 9pm.  What a change it is to actually look forward to a programme on tv.  Hmmmm do I hear sounds of sport on tv from the sitting-room?  Oh well my Kindle is in there so I can read `til 9pm.

Yours aye, Anne


2 thoughts on “Grandchildren are one of life`s best-kept secrets!

    1. Thanks for visiting my Blog Shail – I must admit it is good to be writing again. I abandoned Word Press a couple of years ago because they kept losing my posts – it did the same yesterday (sigh).


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