Return of the Goose

Goosey has been a tad upset at our nomadic existence of late;  he really does enjoy his home.  He is slightly mollified at seeing ducks on the pond in the garden – so perhaps DaisyDog has given up chasing them and they have decided it is safe to settle.  She has more sense, of course, than to chase Goosey – he can be very sharp with his beak when provoked and methinks Daisy has already been on the receiving end of a peck or two when my back was turned.

At present (early evening) it is very peaceful.  George is luxuriating in his bath;  we have had supper;  the cats and Daisy have been fed;  the dishwasher is chonking away quite happily beside me;  Daisy is in her basket and Goosey is curled up between my feet under the kitchen table.  All is well with the world.

Now thinking of George in the bath … first of all a bath is a luxury – we have a walk-in shower at home and no bath at all.  So George seizes the moment when we have a housesit with a bath and, to be honest, we usually have more than one from which to choose.  Anyway thinking of George in the bath takes me back to earlier this year when we were looking after a very lovely old property – full of antiques and beautifully furnished.  We were given the Blue Bedroom with an en suite bathroom and ooooooooooooh a corner bath with jacuzzi.  George loved it and spent ages wallowing in bubbles.  I had warned him to be sparing with the bubble stuff as the jacuzzi action could result in bubbles everywhere! Anyway I popped my head around the bathroom door and saw him – Lord of the Manor – surrounded by bubbles and with a happy smile on his face.  I grabbed my camera and a book which I thrust into his hands – interestingly enough one entitled `Never Had it So Good` and took a photograph of him (bubbles stragically placed of course).  Unfortunately having downloaded it onto my computer the computer then decided to crash and I`ve lost the photograph.  Shame.

We are lunching with the family tomorrow (they live nearby).  Goosey will have to stay behind with Daisy and the cats because Fred will feel threatened.  Fred, by the way, is my son`s African Grey parrot.  Personally parrots are at the bottom of my Pet Pecking List – I can`t see the point of them – they are infernally messy and noisy and given to taking large chunks of skin at any opp0rtunity.  But there you go – my son loves Fred and I think its pretty mutual.  I will pay token homage and leave it at that.


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