Weekly Writing Challenge : Rewrite your first post

I have just signed up to yet another site – another password to remember – another icon on the toolbar – another way to spend time on the computer … why?If I am honest with myself, I enjoy writing.  The days when letters were exchanged with friends have long gone.  I remember the joy of seeing the familiar writing on the envelope and settling down in a comfy chair with a cup of tea to read the latest news and doings of a faraway friend.Now?  Well there is the telephone, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter.  Somehow a contempt has developed for those poor friends who are unable or unwilling to bring themselves to the 21st century technology.  `Oh`, they say, `I don`t intend learning how to use a computer …` what ARE they missing?  Well yes, they may have an empty ironing basket and gleaming windows but personally I wouldn`t swap those for contact with people all over the world – people I would never have `met` without the computer.There were the halcyon days of Yahoo 360 – what fun we all had!  A lot of us have managed to get in touch again on Facebook and exchange odd comments and send messages but what is missing in the opportunity to expound at length the thoughts as they come tumbling out of the head. (What else is writing?)Soooo – following the example set by Shail (a shining star) I have signed up to this Blog site and hopefully will be able to organise my thoughts from time to time and keep up with a Blog.Now … where`s that ironing basket?  Anne

So this week`s Writing Challenge is the rewrite our first Blog.  That is mine above – written in January 2010 – after that there was a long gap before I picked it up again.  Why?  Well – quite honestly – first of all I forgot my password and secondly I forgot I had started the blog!!!!  Admittedly I received the odd nudge about it when I read Shail`s posts of Facebook but it wasn`t until the urge to write again really bit that I resurrected this site and began, once again, to connect with people from all over the world and share their travels, art, interests and family lives.

So far as re-writing what I wrote above – nearly three years ago – I wouldn`t alter a word.  I have been blogging for a very long time er, with gaps – caused mainly by the blog sites closing down.  Now even Multiply has closed its blog version but at least they have allowed us to transfer our archived stuff to Blogger – yes – yet another password.  There it will sit waiting for an occasion when I wish to resurrect it.   I don`t do much on Facebook these days – do I really want to post where I went at the weekend or about visiting Great Aunt Daisy?  I opened a Twitter account when it first started but gave up rapidly – muttering to myself `Who put the Twit in Twitter?`

Writing something substantial is still one of my unfulfilled ambitions and at least posting here oils the creative wheels and keeps the thoughts flowing – the trouble is I love painting too and that has taken centre-stage in my life for a long time now.  Decisions … decisions … decisions …


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